Tuesday, 7 October 2014

August & September book haul

Lately I've been trying not to spent to much money on books and actually read the books that I already own. I still bought a couple of books over august and september, but most of them are second hand.

Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk I picked up at a second hand store. I don't know to much about it besides what the blurb on the back of the book said. Apparantly it's the second book in a series (which didn't become clear from the back of the book), so hopefully I can read it without having read the first one.
The double helix by James D. Watson is a book that I had to order for university. It looks really interesting and I can't wait to start reading it!
Volkssprookjes en legenden uit China (Folk tales and legends from China) by Josef Guter I had seen once in a picture on Tumblr. The cover is really pretty and I like legends & mythology so when I saw it at a second hand store I just had to buy it.
De jongen die zijn verjaardag vergat (No hero for the kaiser) by Rudolf Frank is a teen story about the first world war. I don't know to much about the first world war and have never actually read a book about it so I wanted to change that. This one I also picked up at a second hand store.
The last book I picked up at a second hand store is De nachtwandelaar by Marianne Frederiksson. It is a book translated from Swedish to Dutch and as far as I know it is not translated into English.
De torens van februari (The towers of february) by Tonke Dragt is written by the same author who read one of my favorite childhood books 'The letter for the king'. I bought this one second hand online. I believe the book has a dystopian setting.
The last two books are new ones. Een jaar offline (A year offline) by Bram van Montfoort I already read and enjoyed, and you can read my review here.
V for Vendetta is a graphic novel I can't wait to start reading. I watched the movie once in my social sciences class in high school, and I thought it was amazing. Once I've finished one of the books that I'm currently reading (I'm trying to read 3 books at the time at max) I will start this one!


  1. A nice little haul. I am proud of your for staying on top of your budget and reading what you have on your shelf.

    1. Thank you, me too! It took a lot of effort though. I can always think up valid reasons to buy new books, haha!