Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mini review - Seaglassing by Nathan Smith

Genre: comic, fantasy
Pages: 24
Rating: 4/5
Author's blog

Seaglassing is a lighthearted tale inspired by the shores of Lake Erie. This story is about a seaglasser (someone who combs the sand and pebbles on a beach to find weathered fragments of old glass) who is slowly making her way along the water's edge when she suddenly encounters a mythical creature.

The first half of the book contains the story, and the second half of the book is a Seaglass Journal that explores pieces of the world introduced in the comic.

My thoughts
I bought this comic via Etsy from the author who independently published it. I love collecting things on the beach, so the subject of this story really spoke to me. The first part of the book, that contains the story, does not have any text, but the second part of the book, the Seaglass Journall, does. Eventhough there are no words, the story is easy to follow and it is a lovely and short story. The drawings are simple, but have a nice color scheme. I alwasy love seeing art journals and sketchbooks and that was what the second part of this book reminded me of.


  1. Even though there are no words for the beginning I am glad that it still seemed to flow well with the story and was nice to follow. Good mini review!

  2. Interesting concept. Who doesn't love combing the beach for seaglass?

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction