Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Review - The tiny book of tiny stories, Volume 1

11904233Genre: short stories, poetry
Pages: 87
Rating: 5/5

The universe is not made of atoms; it's made of tiny stories.

To create The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known within the hitRECord community as RegularJOE--directed thousands of collaborators to tell tiny stories through words and art. With the help of the entire creative collective, Gordon-Levitt culled, edited and curated over 8,500 contributions into this finely tuned collection of original art from 67 contributors. Reminiscent of the 6-Word Memoir series, The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1 brings together art and voices from around the world to unite and tell stories that defy size.

My thoughts
I bought this book on a whim because the concept intrigued me and when it arrived in the mail it made my day! The stories and poems in this little book are only a few lines, but all of them are really wonderful and the black and white illustrations are definitely an addition. Some stories are funny and adorable, but others are sad and have some deeper layers. I whish this tiny book was a bit bigger! This is one of those books that you can just pick up whenever you feel like it, open it on a random page and be surprised. It would also make for a wonderful gift!
I know there are already two more volumes out and I'll definitely try to get my hands on those.

My favorite tiny story is probably this one:

The sun is such a lonely star.

Whenever he comes out to see his friends, they all disappear.

Watch this clip to find out more about the collaboration!

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