Friday, 6 February 2015

Short story - Chasing sanity

This short story is based on this writing prompt.

I ran as fast as I could over the path that meandered through the bushes. I tried to keep quiet, but it was hard because the ground was covered in dried leaves. I rounded the corner and suddenly the road diverged. I quickly scanned both options to see what would be the best road to take. The road to the left sloped downhill and continued through a well-lit park with very little high vegetation. The other road went behind a row of sheds; high trees overhanging the road from the other side. The darkness made it hard to see how it continued much further than fifty meters. Almost by instinct I went for the road on the left. The light combined with the fact that there were very few bushes would mean exposure, but it would also mean that I would be able to see my pursuers coming.
I sprinted downhill, careful not to step into one of the many holes. It had been raining the past few days and that had made the path very slippery and the traces left by the water made it very uneven. I had to slow down to keep myself from falling. It took a while before the road was level again. I looked down to see where I planted my feet and by the time running no longer proved dangerous and I was able to look up again, I realized I had made a mistake. I should have gone the other direction. If I would continue this way I would certainly get caught. My pursuers were in view again and they were very close behind. Clearly they were familiar with the area and had taken a different route, because one of them I saw come running over the field to my left. I wanted my feet to go faster, but as hard as I tried I could not make them.
I looked around to see if there was any way to escape. Ahead and to the right the road just continued and did not lead to any place that could mean safety. To the far left of the park there seemed to be a road leading into a small neighborhood where I surely would be able to shake off my pursuers. The problem, however, was that the guy on the grass, who was closest behind me, might be able to cut me off it he anticipated my move. There was no other way, it was my only option so I had to take it. For a while I continued straight on the road, not looking back because I was afraid of what I would see and my fear would only paralyze me. When I finally turned to the left, off of the road and through the flower beds, I could see that the guy behind me was still far away enough. For a minute I got my hopes up, but they were literally slammed to the ground when somebody crashed into me. I fell hard, my face pressed down. I did not have a lot of space to move, I could just turn around my head and look upon my captors face. Somehow he seemed familiar, but I could not recall where I had seen him before.
The guy who was holding me down waited for the others to join him. I was afraid for what might happen. When they arrived they surrounded us, making sure I would not escape again. One of them crouched down next to me. He reached out to me and I flinched. I kicked my captor and tried to get free. ‘Calm down Em’, the guy next to us said. ‘You forgot to take your meds, that’s why your freaking out. Let’s go home and I’ll give them to you. I promise you that you will feel a lot better’.


  1. You write very well and this was an interesting short story! I hope your writing continues to go this well in the future as well ^.^ It's a shame that the formatting was a bit off in the paragraphs, but otherwise all good!

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Since English is not my native language it is a bit daunting to post stories or poems, but I think getting out there is the only way to get better!