Friday, 7 November 2014

Judge me by my cover - Favorites in green

I am definitely one of those persons who picks up a book because of its beautiful cover. This hasn't always worked out, but I'm fine with that. I love having pretty books on my shelves! I am going to do a feature of covers that I do like and also some that I don't like. Judge me by my cover will solely be about the covers of the books. If I like a cover that doesn't automatically mean I enjoyed the book and vice versa. Today I'm showing you:

Favorites in Green

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What are your favorite green bookcovers?


  1. It is so interesting to see covers from books published in other countries. That Gier cover is eye catching and a bit creepy. I can't think off the top of my head of a favorite green cover. Terrific Post.

    1. I also love seeing book covers from other countries. It is just so much fun seeing the differences and the titles in other languages!

  2. I love looking at book covers :) The Out of the Easy cover is beautiful.