Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2014 Reading challenge

At the beginning of the year I had set myself the goal to read 40 books this year. It's not as much as some other people read in a year, but being quite bussy with university I am proud of the books I read this year. I don't have to go back to university till januari 5, so I'm sure I'll even be able to read a couple of books more.

How are you doing on your reading challange of 2014?


  1. Well done! It's not easy to find time to read while you are studying. I also finished my GR challenge this year but am debating whether to do it again in 2015. Luckily I'm a school librarian so reading is part of my job :)

    1. Yeah it definitely is! I'm hoping to take some extra courses next year, so that might interfere with my wish to read more, but I'm going to try nonetheless!
      Congratulations on finishing your challange as well!