Thursday, 11 December 2014

Review - Saving Gracy by Michele Paige Holmes

22909644Genre: romance, historical fiction
Pages: 380
Rating: 3,5/5 stars
Source: eBooks for review

After the death of her grandfather, the Duke of Salisbury, Grace Thatcher wants nothing more than to live quietly in the country with her younger siblings. Her father’s debts thwart those plans, and to protect her sister, Helen, Grace must marry a man of her father’s choosing.

As each suitor proves less than desirable, Grace comes up with clever schemes, causing each to reject her. While staying at the mysterious Sutherland Hall, a middle-of-the-night mishap sends Grace into the arms of a stranger, Nicholas Sutherland—and provides inspiration for her grandest plan yet—one that will leave her reputation in tatters yet free both her and Helen from all possibility of marriage.

Too late Grace regrets her rash actions when her father’s last choice, Mr. Samuel Preston, proves to be a gentleman and a friend. But Samuel is the sworn enemy of Nicholas Sutherland, the man responsible for her “ruin.” Now instead of being free, Grace is caught between two men—each with his own agenda.

My thoughts
This book started off really well. The writing style was very pleasant and because of the instant action I easily found myself submerged in the book. Eventhough the setting of this book is historical the book doesn't include very much historical details because it focuses mainly on the characters.
Grace Thatcher was an entertaining main character. Eventhough she somtimes appeared a bit naive about the consequences of her actions I liked how she was very active in her own life and would not let anyone else decide her fate. I didn't like Nicholas Sutherland in the beginning of the book at all and I also didn't really expect that to change, but somehow I ended up liking him and really rooting for him and Grace. The other characters don't appear too often, besides from Preston, and I would have liked to get to know them better.
The middle of the book is a little less interesting than the beginning, but it gets better again towards the end. Although the ending is quite predictable (there were also definitely some surprises in this book) I was really eager to see it all resolved the way I wanted it to.


  1. Sounds like a pleasant read, my only concern is lack of historical details, when I read historical I like lots of true events.

    1. If you really want to emerge yourself in an historical world this book might not be for you, but if you just want someting fun and light you won't be dissapointed!

  2. I have actually read and reviewed this book as well! I liked it a lot, especially as I am a character driven person. I agree that it would be nicer if it focused on or incorporated some more historical details though.

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