Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December book haul

Over the course of December I accumulated quite some books. Some I bought myself, and others where gifts.

In the Netherlands we normally do not receive presents for Christmas (although nowadays is it more common), but we receive presents on another holiday (5 December) called Sinterklaas. I got six books from Sinterklaas, being:
The Arrival by Shaun Tan, wich is an amazing graphic novel that I soon hope to be reviewing.
A pretty leatherbound book containing several of Jules Vernes stories, which is perfect for a fantasy and sci-fi lover like me.
The moneyless man: A year of freeconomic living by Mark Boyle is non fiction book about a man who decided to live without money for a year. In my final year of high school I had to give an 'end presentation' and my topic was self sufficient living. While doing research I stumbled upon Boyle's project and and got really interested in him so I'm really excited to learn more about his project.
Herr der diebe (The thief lord) by Cornelia Funke. Cornelia Funke wrote one of my favorite childhood books, Inkheart, and I have been wanting to improve my German for a while now, so I got one of her other books in German!
The giver quartet by Lois Lowry is a beautiful edition with pink edges. I have read The Giver, the first book in the quartet, and really liked it, so I'm excited to read the other stories.
The last book I got for Sinterklaas was The road not taken and other poems by Robert Frost. I haven't read that much poetry and I feel like Frost is a good start and not to hard to get into.
The books that I bought myself throughout the month:
The 100 by Kass Morgan. The tv series The 100 is based on this book (although apparently a little different) and since I really enjoyed the first season I thought I would give the book a go.
Project M by Milan Hofmans. I recently discovered this Dutch author and I was curious about some of his other books. I already read it and my review can be read here. by Marcel van Driel is another book by a Dutch author. I have never read anything by this author before, but the synopsis sounds promising.
The last book I got was It's kind of funny story by Ned Vizzini. This book was recommended to me by a friend and you can read my review here.

With so many new books I better start reading!


  1. The Moneyless Man sounds really interesting. And I'm interested to see how you like The 100. I just watched the entire first season, and all of the second season so far over Christmas break, so I'm really into the show.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. So far a lot of people have told me the book The 100 is very different from the series, which I loved. I'm fine with it being different and hope I will just love it as much as I love the tv serie.

  2. The 100 and It's a funny kind of story are both books I really want to read sometime! I am so jealous right now xD

    1. Hope you get around to reading them soon! I really enjoyed It's kind of a funny story! I had higher expectations from The 100, but I was still able to enjoy it.