Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mini review - Weird things customers say in bookshops by Jen Campbell

12640991Genre: non fiction, humor
Pages: 119
Rating: 4,5/5

This book is a collection of things that customers have said in various bookshops. The book is devided into three sections. The first part of the book are Tales from the Edinburgh Bookshop, the second part are Tales from Ripping Yarns and the last part consists of Weird things Customers Say in Other Bookshops (which have been send in by other people).

My thoughts
This book is a very quick read and a lot of fun. I just wanted to read a couple of the anecdotes, but before I realised what was happening I read pretty much the whole book. This is a book that I am sure every booklover would enjoy. Things that some of the customers say are just too funny! I'm not really sure wheter or not everything was exactly said as it is presented in the book, but I don't mind. My only problem with this book is that it is so short, it took me less than an hour to read it. There is a sequel already out and I believe the author is writing a third book as well, so when I'm craving more weird things customers say in bookshops I'll know where to go.

The author has a blog where she also sometimes posts weird things customers have said in bookshops. One of my favorites she posted on there was the following:

'Customer: I've always wondered why God was called Harold.
Customer's friend: Was he? I thought he was just called God.
Customer: No. In the Lord's prayer, he's called Harold.
Customer's friend: ...I don't think that's right.
Customer: Yes it is; it goes: "Dear Heavenly father, who art in Heaven. Harold be thy name."
Customer's friend: ...Isn't it 'hallowed be thy name'?
Customer: I'm pretty sure it's Harold.
Customer's friend: Oh.
Customer: Let's ask the bookseller, she'll know.'


  1. Okay, this sounds hilarious! I need to go to that blog and check it out now!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Some of them are so amazing that I can't believe people actually said them!

  2. These kinds of books are perfect for reading when you have just a few minutes, and I love the hilarity. I read an excerpt recently for a book along the same lines about what people say in a library. It boggles the mind!