Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Untitled poem #1

Lately I've been getting more into writing poetry. It is nice to now and then be able to write something short and actually be able to finish it and be happy with it. I do love writing long stories, but it can sometimes feel as though I will never finish anything. I initially wrote this poem in Dutch and when I tried to translate it to English I was reminded of how difficult it is to translate poetry if you want to capture the meaning and the rythm as well (this didn't turn out so well, haha).

Ze is bang om van de zon de houden
nu de duisternis haar heeft omarmd
Ze is vergeten hoe het is
zoals ze eens wist
door geluk te worden verwarmd

Laat haar slapen, niet meer dromen
en als ze wakker word dan is ze weer
het meisje dat ze echt is,
dat ze eens was
Niet meer denkend aan oud zeer

'She is afraid to love the sun
now darkness has embraced her
She has forgotten what it’s like
as she once knew
to be warmed by luck

Let her sleep, no more dreams
and when she’ll wake than again she’ll be
the girl she really is
the one she once was
No longer thinking of old grief’


  1. I think it is good to be writing more poetry! I am someone who loves to write poetry myself and believe it to be something that is very underrated. This one is very good, and thank you for including the translation as well.

    1. Thank you. I hope to write a lot more poems to keep improving. I'm interested in what you have written! I don't know if you already did, but maybe you can share some on you blog :)